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The 'O'My Word' this week...

Welcome to O'My Online!  In addition to our regular new and entertaining blogs (don't forget to login and register to post your own blog or forum discussion), O'My online is happy to welcome the Sex Doctors, she is currently reviewing dating apps on Hookup-Apps.net if you still need help deciding! 










Dr. Trina Read is a sex expert and columnist with a doctorate in Human Sexuality.  Trina’s mission is to help women enjoy a fun, fresh and meaningful sexual relationship! 

Dr. Brian Parker is a sexologist and educator.  Brian has a Ph.D. and an Ed. D. from the World’s Premiere Sex School, The institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. 

Introducing The Sex Doctors!

Dr. Trina Read & Dr. Brian Parker offer up their expertise to help us discover the secrets of an active healthy, sexual lifestyle by using products by Kitty Realm.

Click here to follow Brian and Trina’s fascinating and humorous ‘He said She said’ columns on interesting topics including; how to love your body image, how to best communicate your needs to your partner, and getting out of a romance rut!

Meet our Blog Mistress

(finally I'm someone's mistress!)

Stephanie knows a lot about sex. 

Um, I didn't write that. While I do know a fair bit, it's simply because I have lots of fantastic and chatty friends (married and singles alike) and I listen, I love to talk about it and love to Naughty-Adult-Personals.com write about it (still working on actually having a lot of it, but I have faith - in the meantime I rent a lot of movies). I try and gripe, I mean write about meaningful and insightful things i.e. How to Give a Great Blow Job (I took a course); The Woes of Online Dating; Does Size Matter; Circumcision - what gives?; and of course O'My Goodness Celebrity Gossip - Bradgelina, the incredibly shrinking Nicole, The TomKat fiasco etc...– again, anything and everything meaningful and insightful.

I'm new here, but not new to O'My products. It's a great company, with great products and I am having a great time! We have lots of exciting things to come (pardon the pun) including new blogs and guest authors, sex surveys, contests and more... If you are wanting a meet and fuck free - you need to read a full review left by me.

I’d love to hear from you – any and every suggestion is welcome!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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   O'My Goodness

Reese in pieces, Ryan caught cheating!  He should like totally know better than cheating on a Harvard Law School Valedictorian – like hello?! 


Nicole Richie passed out in public (again?) and is depressed that she can’t gain weight.  Funny how sucking on a dry fork doesn’t pack on the pounds.


Giorgio Armani is said to be designing both dresses for the upcoming Cruise Holmes wedding.


Mel Gibson apparently helped Courtney Love kick her drug habit.  If Courtney’s ‘drug free’ appearance with Diane Sawyer is an indication of Mel’s good work, I think she should just do herself a favour and run away with George Michael.


And speaking of disastertown, Kevin Federline’s album “Playing with Fire” tops the charts at #1900. 


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  4. Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgandy
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  6. Friday Night Weddings
  7. Great Lengths hair extenstions
  8. Solar Nail Manicures
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  12. O’Gel
  13. The Pixie
  14. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

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