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General Lubricant FAQs

Why is lubricant necessary?

Women often wonder what is wrong with them when their bodies do not produce sufficient lubrication for sexual foreplay or intercourse. Through research, it has been determined that all of us experience stress and tension in our lives. Be it good or bad stress, the body responds in a similar manner. When women experience stress a message is sent to the body that slows down the release of her own body’s natural lubrication. Stress is one of the many factors that affects a woman’s ability to produce lubrication naturally before and during sexual activities. (BC Medical Journal Volume 43, Number 9, November 2001, pages 517–520).

Even if women can lubricate naturally, they may find their body does not provide as much lubrication as they wish in order to fully enjoy their sexual experiences. You own body’s natural lubricant has to travel quite a distance to reach the clitoral area of the vulva. Since the clitoris is one of two main pleasure zones for women, this area may require more lubricant for maximum enjoyment. Using O’My Natural Lubricant as part of your regular sex life could increase your sexual delight.

Low estrogen levels is another cause of vaginal dryness. There are many factors that contribute to a woman’s estrogen level. These include menopause, birth control pills or sponges, antibiotics or other medications, intensive exercise or athletic lifestyles, vaginal infection or irritation, childbirth, nursing, relationship tensions, alcohol, drugs and eating disorders. Discuss options with your physician concerning approved medications to treat these kinds of concerns. However, once women embrace the use of lubricant as part of living life to the fullest, we’re confident that using O’My Lubricant will be a beneficial choice.

When is lubricant necessary?

The need for lubrication will depend on the types of activities you participate in. The ideal for some women is to use a lubricant all the time. Since safe sex is important, you and your partner need to use appropriate precautions unless you have both been tested for the HIV virus. O’My lubricant is latex-compatible and ideal when extra lubrication is required both for pleasure and to reduce the level of friction, which is a good thing!

Lubricant is also helpful when enjoying sex toys and accessories. We recommend you put condoms on all toys as a barrier to protect the toy before lubricant is applied. Both partners may also want to apply lubricant to create a slippery effect. Flavored lubricants can also add to the fun of oral sex. While you’re at it, why not use O’My Flavors to taste all your partner’s body parts?

How do I use lubricant?

Apply a small amount to the area of the body you want to lubricate. When used by couples, both partners should apply lubricant to enhance their experience. Since body heat causes the purified water in the lubricant to evaporate over time, you can rejuvenate O’My Lubricant by adding a few drops of water or saliva to the applied area.

O’My Lubricant is a natural choice for women that can be a fun addition to adult play.

What is the difference between a water–based lubricant and a silicone lubricant?

Water–based lubricant is more commonly used. It washes off the body easily and can be used with sex toys. Water–based lubricants more likely require reapplication because they can evaporate over time.

Silicone lubricant lasts longer and tends to cost more. Silicone lubricant is ideal for using when enjoying sex play in showers, bathtubs, or out in natural surroundings. Silicone lubricant requires washing with a mild soap to clean up. Although silicone lubricant can be used with plastic sex toys, do not use with silicone toys because it will damage them.

Both types of lubricant are latex compatible.