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O’My Natural Lubricant and Flavors FAQs

Why is O’My lubricant the brand preferred by women?

We are the most women-friendly brand because we take your personal needs into consideration.

Can small amounts of O’My Lubricant be ingested?

O’My Lubricants can be licked from your partner’s body after application without being harmful to your health. However, O’My Lubricant is not a food or beverage and should not be ingested as such. The flavored lubricants contain natural ingredients that taste great.

Does O’My Lubricant have any scent?

The original formula is odor-free and does not contain any scented ingredients. The O’My Flavors contain natural flavoring and smell delightfully delicious.

Does O’My Natural Lubricant contain any petroleum by–products?

No. O’My contains ingredients that are not damaging to latex. Products that contain petroleum by–products are harmful and can erode latex.

Why did O’My Natural Lubricant include Hemp in their formula?

Hemp is an herb that acts as an exceptional moisturizer for delicate skin. It is also high in essential fatty acids omega 6 and 3.

Can I get high from using O’My Natural Lubricant?

No. The hemp which has been used in O’My’s formula does not contain any THC. This ingredient is illegal in North America.

If my company does regular drug testing, will the test show up positive if I use O’My Natural Lubricant?

No. The hemp which has been used in O’My’s formula does not contain any THC. This ingredient is illegal in North America.

Why have Siberian Ginseng, Guarana, and Damiana been added to the O’My Natural Lubricant formula?

All of these ingredients have been included to enhance pleasure.

Is O’My Natural Lubricant safe to use if I have sensitive skin?

We do not recommend using our product on very sensitive skin. If you do want to test our lubricant to see if it will be compatible, you can do a basic skin test. This test involves putting one drop on your inner wrist and massaging the area to see if how your body responds to O’My. If there is no reaction, it is up to you to decide if you feel comfortable testing the product to any greater extent.

How can I maximize the use of O’My Natural Lubricant and Flavors?

Due to the heat of the body, the purified water will evaporate over time. O’My can be rejuvenated by adding a few drops of water or saliva to the applied area.

O’My Natural Lubricants, Flavors and InfinityTM FAQs

Does O’My Lubricants have any taste?

The Original formula has very little taste. The natural flavored products on the other hand are bursting with flavor. InfinityTM is tasteless.

What is the best method of applying O’My Lubricants?

Apply a small amount to the area of the body where you wish to moisturize the skin and provide additional lubrication. When used by couples, both partners should apply for maximum lubrication.

How often do I need to reapply O’My Lubricants?

O’My can be applied as often as needed. O’My can be rejuvenated by adding a few drops of water or body fluid to the applied area. Water–based lubricant like O’My Natural Lubricant and Flavors may require reapplication. Infinity is a silicone–based lubricant and does not require reapplication.

Is vaginal dryness common for women?

Yes, at some time during their lives, 43% of women between the ages of 18 and 59 experience sexual dysfunction.[1] There are both physical and psychological causes of sexual dysfunction, however vaginal dryness is the primary cause of painful sex (dyspareunia). The main cause of vaginal dryness is low levels of estrogen. There are many factors that reduce women’s levels of estrogen. These factors include menopause, birth control pill or sponges, antibiotics, other medications, extensive exercise or athletic lifestyles, vaginal infection or irritation, childbirth, nursing, eating disorders and stress.[2]

[1] JAMA Patient Page: Sexual Dysfunction – Silence About Sexual Problems Can Hurt Relationships, The Journal of the American Medical Association, 281 (6). 584.
[2] Dealing with vaginal dryness.

Are O’My Lubricants a spermicide?

No. O’My Natural Lubricant, Flavors, or InfinityTM will not protect you from getting pregnant. It may affect the amount of sperm that travels to the ovaries, however it does not contain any specific ingredients that will kill the sperm while en route.

Will O’My Lubricant deter me from getting pregnant?

It can be a challenge when you are trying to achieve conception. Introducing the body to any lubricant can potentially make the end result more difficult. We recommend that O’My Natural Lubricant, Flavors, or InfinityTM not be used while trying to conceive.

On what body parts can O’My Lubricant be used?

Natural lubricants are designed for vaginal, anal, and oral application. Flavored lubricants can be also applied to the skin for sensual play. InfinityTM is great for massage but not recommend for oral sex.

Can O’My Lubricant be used with sex toys?

Yes. It is very important to use lubricant when inserting toys. O’My helps to relax the body by providing additional lubrication, allowing for more comfort and pleasure. O’My Natural Lubricant or Flavors can be used with all toys. InfinityTM can not be used with Silicone toys.

Is O’My Lubricant easy to clean up?

Yes. O’My Natural Lubricant and Flavors are water–based and can be cleaned off the body with a damp wash cloth. Do not use scented products or scented douches as they will alter the natural pH balance of the body, which can lead to yeast infection and irritation.

InfinityTM can be cleaned up easily with warm water and a mild soap.

What is the shelf life of O’My Lubricant?

O’My lubricants have a shelf life of at least two years. It should be stored at room temperature or cooler to maintain the proper product consistency.

I am a breast cancer survivor who experiences vaginal dryness. Can O’My help?

Low estrogen levels can produce vaginal changes such as dryness and irritation. Vaginal moisturizers such as O’My Lubricant can help. If you experience discomfort during sexual intercourse, it may be helpful to apply O’My Natural Lubricant, a water–based lubricant preferred by women.