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Elegantly Sexy

O’My is blooming with new colors, a new shape, and feminine style. O’My Natural Lubricant and O’My Flavors are now available in fashionable bottles with the original easy-lock pump. O’My’s new look is so discretely sexy , your friends will wonder what’s in that magical bottle on your nightstand table.

Indulge in one or more of O’My’s eight great natural flavors. While you’re at it, pick up a bottle of the O’My Natural Lubricant. There’s always plenty of fun to be had when you add a little extra slide to your sex life.

O’My Natural Lubricant and O’My Flavors

Yum - Tasty Oral Pleasures

Guys love how it feels to receive oral sex yet only 43% of women are keen on giving oral sex. Blo Flavored Condoms changes everything! Now women can enjoy giving oral pleasure without the nasty taste of latex. Experience the scrumptious taste of O’My strawberry, banana or vanilla natural flavored condoms. It’s time to Do What’s Natural. Using Blo Flavored Condoms is a great way to practice safe oral sex.

Blo Flavored Condoms

O’My Now Has Toys?

Okay, what else do we have up our fun-loving sleeves? First, you find out that O’My has an oral sex condom, and now you discover we’ve got Toys! O’My is just bursting with exciting new goodies for women. In celebration of Better Sex and More Fun, O’My introduces O’My Toys and O’My Tush Toys.

Condom Man and Lucy Lubricant
Meet Condom Man and Lucy Lubricant

When teens want to play it safe, Condom Man and Lucy Lubricant are there to educate. O’My Products has been a four-year sponsor of CONDOMANIA. CONDOMANIA is comprised of teen committee members, youth peer educators, and program staff who care about young people and their sexual health. Youth peer educators are volunteers who receive training and conduct presentations. O’My donates thousands of lubricant samples each year to this program and others like it.

Condoms Go Better with Lube Campaign

As colleges and universities across North America prepare for Frosh week, student union reps madly round up popular items like condoms for their annual Frosh Kits. O’My Products recognized there was a lack of awareness around lubricant as an important part of practicing safe sex. So, O’My recently launched a campaign called “Condoms Go Better with Lube”.

Post-secondary institutions have embraced our program with open arms and are thrilled to include O’My Natural Lubricant and O’My Flavored Lubricant in their Frosh Kits. If you are a student union representative and want to know more about our new program, submit your request to .

The L Word
L is more than a Word

The ever popular and sexy serial drama, The L Word, approached O’My about using our products in their Sex Therapist scene. Watch for O’My’s new products and packaging during The L Word’s third season airing this fall.