Novelty - Passionate Touch

Passionate Touch

Unfortunately, most women have some negative feelings associated with their bodies. The media constantly glamorizes and promotes youth, beauty, and being thin. How do women of all shapes and sizes get past this media blast to enjoy their bodies fully?

Start by getting to know what pleases you. Through self-pleasuring, each of you can learn what feels good and what doesn’t. This is a very personal process for everyone. Until you are connected to your own bodily pleasures, it is difficult to communicate your sexual desires to others.

Passionate Touch is a disposable massage finger designed for personal use. Each massage finger has a special textured surface to help increase stimulation. Two samples of O’My Natural Lubricant are included with this product.

  • Two pliable massagers
  • Fits most fingers
  • Easy to use
  • Two lubricant samples included

Box Contains: Two massage fingers and lubricant

More about Self Loving (PDF)