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What’s happening in O’My’s world?
Lots of stuff.  Check this page as breaking news stories about O’My will happen here first. See also our Community Involvement and O'My News blogs.
employment opportuntities O'My is growing
And we're looking for stars to join our fast-paced environment. Huge growth opportunities for the right career oriented individuals. Tell us what you've got to be a star on our team....

O'My Shaggin' Dragons Hit Dragon Boat Circuit
What else are you going to call a Dragon Boat team sponsored by O'My.  They are based out of Vancouver and will be at festivals in British Columbia and Washington State over the course of the summer.  If you get wind the Shaggin' Dragons are about don't be afraid of them.  Only the name is scary!  They actually sample O'My stuff!  How cool is that, go to a Dragon Boat Festival and get your O'My Lube!


L is more than a Word
The ever popular and sexy serial drama, The L Word, approached O'My about using our products in their Sex Therapist scene. Watch for O'My's new products and packaging during The L Word's third season airing this fall.



O'My Makes Autumn Leaves Blush With Pleasure - Revitalizes Spa Treatment For Sex Life

(Vancouver, June 2006) — The fall and winter months are about to get incredibly hotter with the newly improved OPleasure Gel from O’My®.   The Vancouver-based company has worked tirelessly addressing healthcare needs by producing natural products aimed at enhancing intimate activity, and now they’ve revamped one of their best-selling lines in time to heat up the frostiest time of year.

Men got Viagra, which left women wondering “What about me?”  So O’My® developed O™ Pleasure Gel, the first topical spa treatment to naturally stimulate women during sexual activity.  Its new format provides a more tingly and sultry sensation than ever before – perfect for achieving that warm and passionate feeling during those bitingly chilly seasons. 

“It’s all about body discovery etc. O™ Pleasure Gel is now being introduced in a spa treatment format.  Conceived for the benefit of users who are not entirely comfortable purchasing personal lubricants, the new look has a high-end appeal that more than equals any beauty product found on store shelves” stated O’My® spokesperson Stephanie Asquith.

O™ Pleasure Gel was designed in step with the changing needs of modern women.  It’s important for them to enjoy an application that can be used with partners, but they must also be able to use it for experiencing pleasure by themselves – a trend that is developing as women become more confident and secure in their sexuality.

A mostly male-proliferated myth is that G-spot orgasms are the most prevalent kind. A study conducted by O’MY Products Inc. indicates men overestimate their role in the female orgasm, believing over 65% of women have clitoral orgasms and almost 50% have G spot orgasms.  However, statistics reveal women claim to have 57% clitoral orgasms and 37% G spot.  This suggests that either women are faking it - a lot - or men truly think they’re better lovers than they are.  In light of this reality, O™ Pleasure Gel becomes even more valuable since it helps women take control of their own pleasure and achieve the sort of satisfaction they desire. 

In addition to nurturing pure enjoyment, O™ Pleasure Gel responds to a growing segment of the market searching for more options and adventure in their sex lives.  The study also demonstrated two thirds of the population (66%) has used a personal lubricant or other stimulator during sex.  Moreover, as that number increases steadily, the majority admit to wanting more topical alternatives.

Creating a line of sexual spa treatment products may be a novel idea, however, it is the next logical step in personal pleasure care.  Evidence of that can be found in the booming health and relaxation industry.  Women are buying more and more products to help them de-stress, feel more feminine and enjoy their intimate moments on a more powerful level.  Candles, lingerie, massage oils, lotions and aromatherapy are now found in most households. The O™ Pleasure Gel is a natural evolution for improving overall mental, physical and emotional well-being.  

O™ Pleasure Gel consists of a latex-compatible, water-based, natural formula that is paraben-free (parabens can cause skin irritation).  It contains natural preservatives, inherent moisturizers and does not include any petroleum products. It acts as a topical stimulant; it helps get a woman’s sexual process started quickly and easily.  “Simply apply it gently, and within minutes, a snug and refreshing sensation kindles a visceral excitement, which definitely facilitates the mood” added Asquith.

As the cosy days of fall and winter approach, O’My®’s O™ Pleasure Gel is ready to inject those bitter, cold nights with hot and playfully sensual fun.  It’s the most electrifying way to do what’s natural!   

In 1999, the British Columbia based O’My Products Inc. launched the very first hemp-based natural lubricant. Seven years after its birth, O'My Products Inc. remains a personable and growing company dedicated to offering distributors and retailers a unique line of Body Discovery Products. O’My® has also campaigned to inform and educate individuals on practicing safe sex as well as the benefits of using lubricant in order to enhance the personal pleasures of life and “do what’s natural”.


Media Relations :

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O'My Visits A Parade
At least we think we can say that.  We aren't sure.  With the move to trademark pride we decided to sidestep the whole issue.  It could be Warrior's Day, Santa Clause, St. Patrick's Day or any other number of Parades in North America.  We'll let you decide which one.
Toronto Street Gang
O'My has a street gang.  However, rather than be intimidated, just ask for samples.  You will see various groups of people at different events, all sporting the O'My logo.  They will be handing out samples and giving the odd lecture on how to spruce up your love life.