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Pleasure Gel
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O™ Clitoral Stimulating Gel*
What they said:

I got this in my stagette 'basket' from my girlfriends.  One night home alone, I thought I would give it a try.  I didn't think you could love two people, but I was wrong.  My now husband is great, but so is my O'Gel.  Thank god I don't have to pick!
— Tina , Montreal, PQ

O, O, O My - enough said ;)
— Lani, Halifax, NS
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Oh, Oh, O'My!

O Pleasure Gel is for can be used for clitoral foreplay, clitoral stimulation during intercourse or if you're lucky enough, during clitoral after play.  The key word here is clitoral.  O'My is right!! Put a tear drop sized amount of gel on your finger and massage directly on your clitoris.  Using your own prefered massage technique, O Pleasure Gel warms and tingles your, yep you guessed it, clitoris, thoroughly enhancing your orgasm experience.  Use it by yourself or put on a show for your partner.  O'My!...

O Pleasure Gel is Paraben free (meaning, will not cause skin irritation), latex compatible (meaning, will not destroy your condom) and water based (meaning, won't stain your sheets)

Available in: .03 oz sampler /.4 oz tube

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Did you know a whopping 43% of women suffer some type of sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction - most commonly pre-menopausal women 25-50.

Discovering and practicing self pleasuring is a healthy way towards better sexual health. 


  • Try erotic fantasy...
  • Practice pelvic muscle contractions and relaxation
  • Add background music to help relax
  • Try a sensual massage or a warm bath
  • Try a vibrator
  • Encourage communication during sexual activities between partners...

Enjoy :)

If you have any ideas, comments or questions about any of our products, or even ideas for new ones, please let us know...

Usage Instructions:

Apply directly onto the clitoris.  Start with a dime size amount and work up from there.  Massage using your own personal preferred method.  Lay back and enjoy.

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YourselfExplore your body.  Get to know what really pleases you.  Until we are connected with our own bodily pleasures, it's difficult for us to communicate our sexual desires to others...

Your partner.  Show your partner what you like and educate him/her on how to do it


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What the guy says:

Can't get no girl reaction even though you've tried... and you've tried... and you've tried.  Remember what happened when you poured a little gas in the carburetor?  That's right, she fired up like chain blue lightning. 

Do I have to draw a picture here?

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