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O'My Natural Lubricant
What they said:

I love the natural taste - or more specifically, the no taste.  Introducing regular lube use has really made a difference in my sex life.  Thank you from both me and my partner!
— Victoria , Toronto, ON

I really needed lubricant after my son was born - really!  My son is 18 months old now and we are still using it - just for fun.
— Leslie , Edmonton, AB
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Second only to the real thing...
O'My Natural Lubricant is made especially for women and is formulated to mimic a woman's natural lubrication.  Women are much more likely to achieve a higher level of personal satisfaction and/or gratification when using lubricant.  O'My Natural Lubricant is the quintessential ingredient for feeling relaxed and comfortable and will definitely accentuate your most intimate moments...

  • O'My Natural Lubricant is Paraben-free (parabens are linked to skin irritations)
  • O'My Natural Lubricant is ideal for women with skin or sugar sensitivities
  • O'My Natural Lubricant contains no artificial flavouring – just great natural taste (No, ladies, it doesn't not taste like vaseline!)
  • O'My Natural Lubricant is latex–compatible
    (meaning it will not harm a condom) & water-based (meaning it won't stain your sheets and doesn't need to be scrubed off!)

Available in:
4 oz bottle / 8 oz bottle

Product Info:

Did you know The majority of women experience vaginal dryness at some point.  It's perfectly normal and is caused by many factors... Alcohol, medications/anitbiotics, the birth control pill, breast implants, cancer and cancer treatments, pre, during and post menopausal stages, pregnancy, post pregnancy, breast feeding and the biggie - STRESS.

Did you know 50% of North American women have experienced a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)?  If you are one of them you probably already know that vaginal dryness and the lack of lubrication during sexual intercourse is thought to be one of the causes.  Lack of lubrication may lead to skin abrasions in the vagina that can facilitate infection. 

Did you know that using a lubricant helps to prevent premature ejaculation?  Yeah!... sorry, was that out loud?  Lubricant is also ideal for oral sex... see Stephanie's blog "Giving Head 101" for tips :)

Keep a bottle handy ladies.  Just saying. 

We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think of O'My Natural Lubricant!  Do you have suggestions on how we could change or better this product or even any suggestions for a new product? Please let us know...

Usage Instructions:

Very simple... ap
ply to any area(s) that desire lubrication.  You really can't go wrong... increased usage may lead to more fun.

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guy says

What the guy says:

Using lube is great fun.  Makes it last longer and is great when changing 'activites'.  I also love the fact that she can grab it at London or Shoppers.  Giddy up.  

Craig, Vancouver, BC

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