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Passion Fruit
What they said:

Finally, a Pina Colada I can have before noon and a Strawberry Cheesecake that won't make me fat!  Thanks :)
— Eryn , Toronto, ON
Use it all the time and love it - as does my happy boyfriend.  I also love that I can get them pretty much everywhere.  They're all awesome.
— Danielle, Victoria, BC
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Do yourself a flavour...
O'My Flavours contain all the trusted ingredients as our Natural, but add a succulent and flavourful twist to your sex play!  Flavours are ideal for intercourse and oral sex - and of course a little of both and then some...  O'My Flavours contain no artificial flavour or colour just good clean, yummy fun... (and of course they're low calorie and sugar free - for those of us who have to count everything!)

  • O'My Flavours are Paraben–free (parabens are know for causing skin irritations)
  • O'My Flavours are latex–compatible (they won't harm your condom - yeah!) and are all water–based
  • O'My Flavours have no colour added so they are all bed–sheet friendly!

O'My Flavoured Lubricants come in three great flavours (and so can you... O'My!)

Available in: 4 oz bottle

Product Info:

Did you know that the flavouring is natural?  Go ahead and give it a lick... or two... or twenty three...

O'My Flavours are ideal for intercourse and even more ideal for oral sex.  See Stephanie's Blog "Giving Head 101"

We want to hear from you!

Do you have a suggestion for a new flavour?  How about a sexy new way to use it?

Please let us know...

Usage Instructions:

Simply add to the area that either requires lubricant and/or the area you are tasting... Don't be afraid to pump that bottle and add more if and when required.  Taste.  Enjoy.    
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•Pretty much anything, everything and/or anyone... O'My!

guy says

What the guy says:

Flavors are the best invention since caffeinated beer.  The flavors have resparked some interest in certain extracurricular activities that we haven't done in years.  Presto - a smile is on my face.  Thankyouthankyouthankyou....I am not worthy!

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